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Sliding Doors | For Hus

Sliding Doors

A wood or wood-aluminium sliding terrace door on parallel rails. The number in the product’s name describes the sash thickness: the 60 mm and 68 mm sash fit a double glazed glass unit and the 78 mm sash a triple glazed one. “Softline” is an angular profile and “Classic” a rustical profile. “Lara” is a sliding door in a facade system. All of the wood-aluminium products have “AruAL” in their name.

The door leaf and the fixed part of the sliding door are on the same level, the door moves to another level when opened. The door can be opened either by sliding or by tilting. The doors are made of three-layered laminated pine, oak or meranti.

All of the Aru exterior doors and windows are impregnated in order to provide a longer resistance to weather conditions. The impregnation is done after cutting the profiles and tenons and before fitting the frames together, than ensures the impregnation even in the joints.