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German Type Exterior Doors | For Hus

German type exterior doors

The German type exterior doors have the DIN standard (euro-)lock systems. This door can be produced as the inward opening “Aru ED 68 Classic IN” or the outward opening “Aru ED 68 Softline EX”.

Aru ED 68 Classic IN

The “Aru ED 68 CLASSIC IN” is an inward opening massive external door with a sash thickness of 68 mm. Different panel and glass divisions are available allowing the customer to achieve a bespoke design. Only DIN standard locks are suitable for this type of door.

Aru ED 78 Flush

The “Aru ED 78 Flush” exterior door has double seals and a 78 mm thick sash and has therefore good thermal resistance. The door has two grooves and a rebate at the edge of the door leaf. Only DIN standard locks and handles are suitable for this type of door.


Entrance doors opening inwards

“Aru NORDIC ED G-92” IN is a top notch German style entrance door. Strong 92 mm wooden profiles give the product both energy efficiency as well as stability. Also allowing the use of Scandinavian or DIN locking systems.