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Kömmerling 88 | For Hus

Kömmerling 80

Kömmerling 88
  • Can be fitted with suitable soundproof glass in a thickness of up to 58 mm.
  • Satisfies the highest noise protection requirements.
  • For windows up to resistance class RC 2 (WK 2).
  • Anti-burglary fittings can be used.
  • Make a personal contribution to reducing CO2 emissions with products that deliver passive house heat insulation in the standard version.
  • Optimised and therefore resource-conserving material use
  • Eco-friendly, lead-free stabilisers with the greenline label
  • Closed material loop through professional recycling

KÖMMERLING 88 MD is a window and door system that already satisfies future requirements. In short, it delivers maximum future security. KÖMMERLING 88 MD energy efficiency and sound insulation values are already significantly better than comparable systems.

This ultra-modern window and door system is also built to exacting quality standards to ensure its durability, plus easy maintenance and care. So you can enjoy your new windows for a long time to come. Give yourself and your family a great future with the perfect window: KÖMMERLING 88 MD.

Soundproofing with KÖMMERLING 88 MD.

Enjoy peace and quiet with KÖMMERLING 88 MD. The high level of soundproofing excludes annoying noises, even when the building is located on a busy street. This is achieved with a 7-chamber design and a large reinforcement chamber in the profile, innovative gasket technology, soundproof glazing and professional installation.

Intruder protection with KÖMMERLING 88 MD.

Burglary figures continue to rise dramatically. KÖMMERLING 88 MDhas anti-burglary fittings for the effective protection of you and your family. The system is designed for simple and cost-effective adaptation to your individual security needs.


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