Kömmerling 76

Kömmerling 76
  • High energy and cost savings with new, high insulation 76 mm system – Uf value = 1.1 W/(m2K).
  • Enhanced quality of life through perfect sound insulation.
  • Additional security as a result of anti-burglary features.
  • Easy-care, robust and weather- proof surfaces.
  • Retains value due to durability and excellent quality.
  • Excellent ease of operation and reliable function through state-of- the-art technology.
  • Available in white, foiled in woodgrain structure, plain and metallic colours as well as with the innovative surface technology proCoverTec.

KÖMMERLING 76 is a modern, best-in-breed window and door system. Highest quality, real heating cost savings, optimum noise protection, reliable intrusion protection and a wide range of options improve your quality of life. KÖMMERLING 76 is definitely the right choice.

Best in breed window system.

KÖMMERLING 76 makes no compromises. It offers all the advantages of modern windows – from design
and function, to construction physics, insulation values, environmental protection and value retention. KÖMMERLING 76 satisfies all present and, more importantly, all future requirements.

Innovative technology.

The design of KÖMMERLING 76 is so innovative that it can incorporate modern triple glazing or special functional glazing of up to 48 mm thickness. As a result of intelligent mounting technology,
the system can be installed quickly, cleanly and with little effort. So replacing your old windows with new, modern KÖMMERLING 76 is a clean process.


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