KÖMMERLING 88 MD has such an advanced design, based on computer and simulation technology, that with optimal material use, it achieves maximum insulation values and functions very reliably. Furthermore, absolutely no lead has been used to stabilise the PVC. Instead, an environmentally friendly calcium-zinc based stabiliser has been used. When the proEnergyTec profiles are filled with foam, only green propellants are used. The foam and PVC can also be cleanly separated from each other for recycling. And, on the subject of recycling: at the end of the product lifecycle, we make components for new windows from old ones. This recycling initiative ensures a sustainable closed-loop material cycle.


Right from the outset it focused on the use of modern materials. In the early years of the company’s long history these were adhesives and synthetic rubber. KÖMMERLING has always been a dynamic company with pioneering products.

Our lives will change in the future. New, green mobility solutions will be introduced. The digital transformation, cloud computing and smart factories will create new work processes. And we will have smart homes that are more secure and energy efficient.

But our comfort in the future world will depend on more than just computer technology. KÖMMERLING conducted detailed research into windows, as a structural component of buildings, to ascertain how they need to be modified to meet future needs. Our engineers left no stone unturned, implemented extensive tests and came up with an innovative solution: KÖMMERLING 88 MD – the window of the future.



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